Thursday, June 18, 2009

bon fet, tet melon!

ode to noah

~ by you-you on your 6th birthday

(with help from aladdin's genie)

i ain't never had a friend,

never had a friend,

i ain't NEVER

i ain't never had a friend like you!

my dear boy, when i first met you, you were a bit top heavy.  man did you have a head.  tiny little legs and those triangular feet i love so much trying so hard to keep that head up.  oh, but how you've grown!  you toddled around with your wonderful lips and your perfect little stutter breaking hearts all over the place.  you loved to eat, anytime, anywhere.  you loved to sing!  you and i had so much fun on our picture dates.  we would spend some time just making faces and laughing so hard!  you had a great sense of humor.  you also LOVED throwing fits.  you could cry with the best of them.  you screamed until i thought my ear drums would burst.  i was scared you would stop being my friend after i would put you on time out against the wall.  but, noah, you were always my little man.  you would crawl up in my lap and cuddle, take my hand and walk bravely through the front gate, dare to let me take you into the pool at the hotel, and curl up beside me at night.  like i said, you were a heartbreaker.  
i see pictures of you now and i cannot believe the little man you've become!  i thank the Lord every time i think of you for the precious gift of you!  He has brought you thus far, noah, and He will lead you home!
you, my dear boy, were the chosen son.  you are the promised one!  your life must be a purposeful one.  you have already come through fire, sweetheart, and i know the Lord has great plans for you!

this is one of my most favorite pictures of us, noah. it was taken december 14, 2007. it was the last time i saw you! how i miss you. how i want to hold you. i think, however, that you have outgrown those lengthy hugs, those sit-in-my-lap-for-hours times. just know this, when it comes to you, i'll take whatever i can get.

i am so happy you're home for your birthday! it will be your best one yet! mwen renmen ou, tet la! ak tout ke'm, wi!

Monday, June 8, 2009


photo taken by carsen. edited by angela.