Friday, September 24, 2010


for those of you who are not on facebook (and therefore, haven't had a chance to see these pictures), i put together this slideshow. as you can see, we had a BLAST!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

how to make applesauce

some of the best things about fall are the foods. tomato soup, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, zucchini bread, and applesauce. today i made my first batch of applesauce for this fall season (clearly it's not actually fall yet, but the apples are in) and i thought perhaps, i'd write out a little tutorial in case anyone else was interested in making their own. (i prefer to use gravenstein apples, but use your favorites for your sauce.)

so without further adieu,

step one: wash apples. (if they are store-bought, then step one will be to take off the stickers.)

step two: quarter apples and take the core out. i like to put a strainer in the sink to make clean-up real easy.

step three: throw 'em in the pot.

step four: add a TINY bit of water (not more than a tablespoon).

step five: let them simmer on low heat for a long long time. depending on how many apples are in there, it could take awhile. stir 'em so they don't burn. they're ready when they're nearly sauce without you straining them. like this:

step six: strain your apples. now, i use something like a foley food mill, but use whatever tool you have. i scoop the apples into the strainer a couple at a time and strain, clean the sides with a spatula and repeat.

step seven: enjoy!