Friday, August 29, 2008

my little cowgirl

this is a post of links.

well, seeing as how judah already told y'all about our camping trip, i thought i might as well tell you about the bar d.

we met up with a family who befriended my parents a few years ago in zion national park. the haverlys live in mancos, colorado. we travelled with them through bryce canyon national park and a few (really sad) native american reservations, back to their home in mancos. mancos is not far from durango, colorado. and in durango you can find . . . the bar d wranglers.

the wranglers are a dying breed. they harken back to the days of roy rogers and the sons of the pioneers. the wranglers are a singing group and they put on a great show! we laughed, we cried . . . well, not so much the crying.
anyhow, there is this little faux western village selling all sorts of useless trinkets including but not limited to, buckskin caps, posable toy horses, cowboy-mantra wall hangings, cheesy rip-off Christian tee shirts and more. don't get me wrong, i had a great time.

the wranglers cook and serve dinner before performing. they are incredibly talented musicians. in fact, they were invited to play at the grand ole opry! i would recommend anyone passing through the southwest corner of colorado to stop in for some good eats and a great show!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

a little leg

just a preview.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

camping and other adventures

hi friends!  i wanted to let you know that judah, nana, grandpa and i will be camping for the next week and then heading to colorado.  i will not have internet access and therefore will not be posting until we return.  however, i expect to capture a good picture or two as i have purchase some great cowgirl boots for judah ($8 at tar-jay) to be worn in the country!
(incidentally, judah will most likely not be posting for the next two weeks either.)

see you on the flip side.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

an obtuse angle

i need a bigger view of God. during floor time today, i was reading you are special
by max lucado to judah. it is a wonderful book written for children about a community of wooden people made by a woodworker whose name is eli. (short for El Shaddai perhaps?) the main character, punchinello, learns a valuable lesson about spending time with the Maker.
i spend time with my Lord. i read my bible. i pray. i do want to know Him more. but while i was reading this to judah today, i was reminded of something i often forget. GOD WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH ME. He wants to remind me how much He cares for me. (selah.)

wow. you see, i know He loves me. but do i remember that He wants to spend time with me? not often.  to consider that the Lord of this world is hoping that i will take the time to visit with Him is a blessing.  He knows my name.  He knows the frizzy, curly hairs on my head.  and He is waiting for me to come to Him.  as i was reading this to judah i was thinking about how incredible that truth is.  
you are precious to Jesus.  He formed you.  He loves you.  won't you take some time today and be with Him?

Friday, August 8, 2008

bon fet, glory!

happy birthday, baby girl!! i am so excited that you'll be going home in the next week!! i'm praising the Lord! i have been praying for this day!!