Sunday, September 28, 2008

just so big

auntie em and i made this onesie beacause judah's papa loves music so much. he is so happy with headphones in his ears. so i thought this was a good one to make. she seemed to like it too! isn't she getting big?!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

martha NOT stewart

this is my mama.  isn't she beautiful?  the Lord tells us in His word that we should not boast in anything other than Him.  paul wrote that.  and i will try not to.  i will, however, say that my mama is a wonderful woman.  while she doesn't exactly "look for wool and flax" (prov. 31:13a), she does "work with her hands in delight" (prov. 31:13b) and she does put flaxseed into her smoothies.  

i want, i desire to be more like my mama.  she is the most discerning woman i know.  she is wise.  she is kind.  she is generous.  she is loving and extremely hospitable.  and now she has decided to give of herself once again.  my mama has decided to grow her hair out and donate it to a cancer victim.   
here is an example of the way my mama thinks.  she says that while she is growing out this hair, all the while she can be praying for the person who will receive it.  she says this with a glow in her eye as if there could be nothing like it!
and so, because i want to be more and more like her, i've decided to join her in this effort.  we talked with our hairdresser and he assured us that we can donate hair that has been colored. the hair must be submitted in a pony tail that is a minimum of 10 inches in length.  curly hair is accepted and can be pulled straight to make the 10".  
as of this evening my hair is about 5" in length and i think my mama's is near 6.  maybe you can join us in praying for those who will receive our hair.  maybe they don't yet have cancer, or have yet to be diagnosed.  maybe they are children.  maybe they will have wonderful families who cut off all their hair in honor of the cancer victim.  or maybe they won't have a family at all.  but we can pray for these two people right now!  and the best part is, the Lord hears our cry!  

Friday, September 19, 2008


today is international talk like a pirate day! no kidding.

i know my daughter is dressed appropriately. is yours? :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

things come tumbling out of my mind

there is so much in my head and i have no idea how to get it out in a cohesive post. wait, it just came to me! i'll copy tara livesay and try bullet points:

* judah has a cold and that makes me sad . . . and tired.

* i cannot fathom how anyone can vote for someone who has thrice voted to end a child's life, even in the case of a botched abortion! a child miraculously survives an abortion and he would still have it killed. that makes me ill.

* it is september 11th and i fear we have forgotten. oh, your bumper sticker may say otherwise, but are we still searching for bin laden? and would we support efforts to that end?

* i have been job hunting but have not yet landed a job.

* and the devastation in haïti is wretched. i hate this. and i hate that i cannot reach out and save those children. 

* we went to santa clarita and had a wonderful time visiting our friends down there. i'll post pictures soon, but this post just needed to come out.

* i sold some cards i had made to the local tea shop. that was exciting.

* and judah has the best grandpa and nana in the world! unfortunately we have not yet convinced grandpa to start his own blog!

yeah, i think bullet points were the best for this, because clearly that was a random, cacophonous blog! sorry, i'll do a better job next time.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008