Wednesday, June 18, 2008

m'ap priye pou samu

darling samendia, please know i am praying for you. i know this is a really hard time for you. i know your two best friends are going home before you. i know you will miss mia and belle so much! i know your sweet, sensitive little heart must be breaking. i know how you retreat into yourself.

oh, samu, i wish i could be there to comfort you and remind you that you will be going home too!! yesterday you told me that your mom is coming to see you in october; hold on to that, honey! your family loves you and longs for the day you will be home with them. you and deckerson. i know your papa is working so hard to make that a reality for you and all the children at angel house.
don't forget, nata and misey have always been good friends. i know they aren't your closest friends, but they are great girls. and nay-nay and tetak will always be there for you too!
also, samu, thank the great Lord that when you do go home, you'll be so close to mia and belle!! you'll get to grow up with them! what a praise!! i know you're hurting, baby girl, but the Lord is with you and we all promise to be praying for you!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

pou papa judah

"like father, like daughter!"
a sincere thanks to shanley for the picture of papa judah and to emily for the picture of judah and i. emily and i thought it would be fun to take a couple pictures of judah that were just for her papa! and what better way to say, "i love you" than by imitating him? so judah donned her beanie and headphones and checked out some pictures of her papa! we sent these to him for father's day thinking he'd love them whether or not they celebrate father's day in haiti!
here she is seeing his picture on the computer!

papa, nou sonje'w chak momann . . . nou renmen ou! n'ap priye pou ou. cache nan Bondye. se Li mem K'ap bay ou lape, gras, fo . . . tout bagay net! pa bliye, n'ap tann ou! vin vit!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

waking up is hard to do

i have posted a number of pictures and shown how cute this girl is, but now allow me to share a bit of her personality with you so that you may better know her. judah hates waking up (no idea where she got that ;) ). she especially doesn't like nana interfering with her wake up process. however, she still is a great baby girl!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


miss bright eyes
gettin' some mama love
peaceful dreamer

i'm sorry, but she might just be the cutest thing i have ever seen! i am fairly overwhelmed by how much i love this girl! she is the funniest kid i've met! and i have only known her for 18 days. well . . . you know what i mean.
this is not blogging as i know it; just posting up pictures, but i'm still cashing in the "sleep deprived" coupon. i'll get back to real blogging sometime . . .
maybe . . .

Sunday, June 1, 2008

breakin' all the rules

well, i have read all the information and i've taken the classes, but it turns out some babies just like laying on their tummies. judah sure does. she has been resting peacefully since i let her try it out. of course, i haven't moved more than about five feet from her while she's in this dangerous position, but she's doing really well! she listened well to angela c. who told her to eat, sleep, poop, repeat. she loves eating and sleeping. she is such a good baby. yesterday was a really long and trying day, but she was so good. she didn't really cry at all. she allowed nana to hold her and slept peacefully through most of the day. i think the day was harder on me than on her.

i thank God constantly for such an amazing gift! she is perfect! she is so precious. i cannot get enough of her!