Saturday, November 13, 2010

o give thanks

**note to readers: i originally wrote this post a few weeks ago. i planned to have it out by thanksgiving. clearly, that didn't happen.**

seeing as how we don't go around our table and talk about the things we're thankful for (with our extended family), i thought i might blog about them here.

i am so thankful.

so thankful.

Jesus paid the debt of my sin, which was death, for me.

i am thankful that my daughter survived her twisted-intestine hospitalizations and surgery.

so very very thankful.

i am filled with gratitude that countless friends including judah's dad and my sweet nicole survived the fatal earthquake of january 12.

i rejoice that all 26 children were miraculously rescued from a devastated haiti merely six days after the earthquake.

i am grateful for my mom and reg who jumped at the opportunity to plan a fundraiser to help our friends in haiti.

i am so thankful for all of those who sewed, pulled, dyed, baked, knit, printed, collected, drew, sang, played, photographed, donated and otherwise put together a fantastic and profitable fundraiser for "new life to the children" - our orphanage in haiti.

i am more than appreciative for my dad who willingly
sought out his friends and attempted to put a good work crew together to rebuild in haiti. i was so blessed that he jumped on that plane with me and spent a week sleeping on roughly poured concrete in the rain to help my friends in haiti.

i am ever grateful to my dearest brother who loves me unconditionally. who left his busy work/school/ministry schedule behind and came to sit at judah's bedside and let her play with his ipad.

i'm overwhelmed by parents who have taken me and my daughter in with open arms, clothed us, fed us, given us love and shelter these past few years. who drove through the night to literally hold me up while judah went into surgery and then again when she finally was moved into recovery.

i'm so so thankful for my amazing best friends emily and brendie who have stood by my side through every.single.moment of my past few years. they are actually aggressive in their acts of love for me and for judah. i truly have some of the greatest friends a girl could ever hope for.

so many of you (ashley and nate, christine, mat, janet, kristen, leilani, kaylene, erin, kellie . . .) came to see us in the hospital. came bearing gifts, came bearing smiles. came just to sit. and SO VERY MANY MORE of you called or sent cards and gifts. i was overwhelmed once again by the body of Christ. your love carried us through!

i'm thankful for those of you, my dear friends, who are scattered about the country but support me and love me from afar.

i'm thankful for our fireplace, our heater, our hot water heater.

i'm thankful for my bed and my electric blanket.

i'm trying not to take our non-leaking roof for granted.

of course there is too much for me to write out here, but i wanted to make a small list; it has been such a tremendous year.

praise Jesus!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

fun giveaways

is this a clever blog title or what? ni hao y'all? i love it!

they're doing giveaways; check 'em out!

Ni Hao Y'all