Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009


i know, i know. i haven't posted since august 21st. you know, this blog isn't titled "this writer's block" for nothing. i don't know what to say. life is life. we go about it every day. i miss my friends. i miss my kids. i love being judah's mom. i love spending time with my family. i think of haiti every single day. i am enjoying the turning of the seasons. i am losing weight. fall makes me want to bake. we went to the state fair. we saw aunt shanley. we saw sissy. we saw cousin owen, auntie em and uncle ryan. we visited with GG and my aunts. my parents went to hawai'i. they brought judah a grass skirt. i am trying (still) to sell my car. i want to go to evansville. judah is getting huge. i fear she's behind in language. then i remember she's learning english, creole and sign and i feel better. she's brilliant. she understands commands and questions in all those languages. she responds perfectly. she has an incredible memory. she has great powers of deduction. i pray, i beg the Lord for her salvation. it's fall and my skin is getting dry. i am wearing socks again. i am making wedding invitations for a friend. those are challenging. i want them to be perfect. i am trying to get more things into my etsy store and hoping to make some dough. i am still making verse books but that has slowed. i'm on facebook everyday and i feel like posting the same stuff here is redundant. i made over some furniture for the front porch. that was fun. we made a whole "room" out there and i like it a lot. it's getting too cold to hang laundry any longer. it just doesn't dry. i want to potty train judah.
you see? while a lot is going on, none of it is particularly blog-able. and sometimes life gets a bit political. what to share, what not to share. if i say __________ will it offend someone? am i gonna step on toes? how personal should i get? how much is too much? and the list goes on.
there are so many greater subjects running through my head: life, being a true Christian, living that out daily, what the Lord requires of me as a mom, the church in america, has that failed, has america failed, are we gonna have a civil war, home schooling, health care, public schooling, water in third world countries, food in those countries, food in our country, you get the picture.

what i'm saying is: i have nothing to say.