Friday, August 21, 2009

beautiful feet

"how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!"  ~ romans 10:15

in the year 2000, my friend jordan invited me on a week-long mission trip to haïti.  i went along and fell in love with the country and her people.  on that trip we had translators who went with us from house to house as we spoke to the people about the Lord God.  one of those translators was a young man named joassaint josue.  these are his feet.

josue has since gone on from "global mission fellowship" and has begun to follow his father's footsteps.  his father took james literally when reading about taking care of widows and orphans.  seeing so many children destined to become restaveks, josues's father began taking them in himself.  soon he started placing these children in the homes of widows in their church.  the program works when sponsors from the united states commit to sending $40/month for the child's clean water, food, medical needs and schooling.  the money also benefits the widow in the sense that her household will also be partaking in the clean water and food.  josue's father graduated into glory leaving behind a wife who has taken up his ministry and three sons who are also working hard for the children of haïti.  
(from l to r, the joassaint family: louise, josue, mama, sony's mom whose name i can't remember, leonce, and elijah)
     i was privileged to stay in josue's home while in haïti this month.  he shares his home with his beautiful wife, his son, his goddaughter, a recuperating orphan (he had surgery), and some other extended family.  pastor josue along with four other pastors from different areas have expanded on his father's original work and have started an organization they call "new life to the children."  there are many children scattered throughout greater port au prince, who have been rescued by this mission and are either currently being sponsored or are in need of sponsors.  please let me stress this: this is a haitian founded and run mission. 
     i was beyond moved by the things i witnessed in this one week in haïti:  i met men of God who are studying and living out His Word.  Christian men discussing and working toward becoming "men of character!"  haitians bearing each other's burdens.  Christians who know Scripture by heart and quote it in conversation!  generosity was poured out on me.  nothing was asked of me financially THE ENTIRE WEEK.  even when i offered to pay for gas or drinks or ice or phone cards, i was turned down.  (those of you who have been there can vouch that this is revolutionary behavior!)  and one of the greatest blessings of all was learning that God has raised up haitians to be missionaries to africa (the senegal)!!  that is astounding!!  


the Lord is at work in this ministry and i love to watch Him work!

Thursday, August 13, 2009