Monday, June 16, 2008

pou papa judah

"like father, like daughter!"
a sincere thanks to shanley for the picture of papa judah and to emily for the picture of judah and i. emily and i thought it would be fun to take a couple pictures of judah that were just for her papa! and what better way to say, "i love you" than by imitating him? so judah donned her beanie and headphones and checked out some pictures of her papa! we sent these to him for father's day thinking he'd love them whether or not they celebrate father's day in haiti!
here she is seeing his picture on the computer!

papa, nou sonje'w chak momann . . . nou renmen ou! n'ap priye pou ou. cache nan Bondye. se Li mem K'ap bay ou lape, gras, fo . . . tout bagay net! pa bliye, n'ap tann ou! vin vit!


Kristina said...

How totally cute is that?????

So cute!!!!!!!!

So what did Papa say?

Tim & Sarah said...

how sweet! what great pictures. Looking forward to meeting Judah in July!

megan haug said...

aw, that was so sweet of you Judah!! i'm sure your papa loved it!