Wednesday, July 30, 2008

fun on the [cundiff] farm

i'm gonna be honest with you, i don't know too many families that would invite a mom and her infant daughter into their home for two weeks, especially when they have just brought two more of their own children home. but the cundiff family has always been a cut above, haven't they?
jeremy and michelle, you have blessed judah and i greatly! you have a wonderful family; your children are so well-rounded, so kind, so caring. thank you for the love you have lived out, not just between the two of you, but it extends to us and we feel the reality of it. thank you for your support, your concern, your honesty. thank you for truly making us feel like we were "home!"
we had a wonderful time with you and we hope we didn't wear you out! thank you so much!

*it would appear that youtube does not like putting music on my videos right now. so everyone just hum tim mcgraw's down on the farm while watching, okay? thanks!*


Greg's Wife said...

The Cundiffs are wonderful. I am amazed looking at these photos. The kids don't appear to be "adjusting" at all. Rather, it looks like they've always been there. God is just blowing me away here lately. And how sweet of them to invite you and Judah to stay so soon after bringing home the children. I pray the Lord would make me so gracious!

Brandy said...

Yep, those Cundiff's are keepers!!

Kathy Eden said...

I have no idea how the song goes so I made something up :o) Great pictures!

Elias said...

i sang it. never heard that song before so i made up my own tune and lyrics. i hope tim's are better than mine...though his lyrics probably don't talk about the people in the video.

but i enjoyed the pictures!

Kristina said...

Don't know the tune so I hummed "Old McDonald Had a Farm"

And yes the Cundiff family is amazing!

megan haug said...

love the pictures!!

but, i too, don't know that song. so i just played a different random song from my itunes library, it didn't have anything to do with farms though!

Michelle said...

We had such a great time!! We all miss you! I pulled the quilt off "your bed" last night and Mia said, "pou YouYou! pou YouYou!"

Don't you think it's time to come 'home'! ;)

Jeremy said...

It was great to have you with us, and you're always welcome here. (I just hope we didn't keep you up, or give you nightmares:)