Thursday, September 11, 2008

things come tumbling out of my mind

there is so much in my head and i have no idea how to get it out in a cohesive post. wait, it just came to me! i'll copy tara livesay and try bullet points:

* judah has a cold and that makes me sad . . . and tired.

* i cannot fathom how anyone can vote for someone who has thrice voted to end a child's life, even in the case of a botched abortion! a child miraculously survives an abortion and he would still have it killed. that makes me ill.

* it is september 11th and i fear we have forgotten. oh, your bumper sticker may say otherwise, but are we still searching for bin laden? and would we support efforts to that end?

* i have been job hunting but have not yet landed a job.

* and the devastation in haïti is wretched. i hate this. and i hate that i cannot reach out and save those children. 

* we went to santa clarita and had a wonderful time visiting our friends down there. i'll post pictures soon, but this post just needed to come out.

* i sold some cards i had made to the local tea shop. that was exciting.

* and judah has the best grandpa and nana in the world! unfortunately we have not yet convinced grandpa to start his own blog!

yeah, i think bullet points were the best for this, because clearly that was a random, cacophonous blog! sorry, i'll do a better job next time.


livingpurereligion said...

*I'm so sad that Judah has a cold. Nothing is worse then a sick baby:(

*Although I would be so happy to have an African American serve as President, I must agree with you! His stance on abortion (among other things) makes me sad.

*The world's greatest military and it's leaders cannot find one man. How is that?

*The devastation in Haiti is beyond devastating. It sucks to feel helpless.

*You are such a creative girl... share it with the world! Display your cards on your blog. I would love to buy one!

*And one last bullet point to tell you that I think you are great. I'm praying for you and sweet baby Judah!

angela said...

i just don't think race should be a factor. skin color does not matter to me. do you any presidential qualifications? that's what i want to know. this question does not make one racist, it makes him patriotic. and that used to be a good thing.

Elias said...

i just posted about nobama. it's sad that the democrats nominated this man. he is quite possibly the least patriotic american i know of. and they nominated him. that is sad. the flags were at half-mast today in remembrance of 9/11/01. would Obama salute those flags? history has shown otherwise.

i told mom to tell dad to start a blog. that would be great.

Kathy Eden said...

I hope Judah is feeling better soon! I agree with you on all of your bullet points. I like the randomness of it all :o)

Donald said...

Maybe I should do a bullet point post, it would clear up the last couple of months. I agree with you on all counts. I've often thought that the best thing that the Democrats could do is start a pro-life caucus. Ugh.

Hope Judah is better, and its nice to see grandpa and nana. Grandpa Ralph needs a blog...

Kristina said...

So sad Judah is under the weather!

I like the bullet points too!