Friday, December 5, 2008

judah ka rale!

apparently, my daughter is part frog! my dad was able to catch this today; usually when i take out the camera, she freezes. but i guess she'll perform for nana and grandpa! what a big girl!! i'm so proud of her!
funny thing is, the girl would much rather walk than crawl! as soon as she reaches my hands, she pulls herself up to standing. then, once balanced, she lets go with one hand and starts a little jig! so adorable.


Donald said...

How cute, and how wonderful! She looks like she is getting big. Hope all's well!

Elias said...

yay Judah! good work!

she does look like she's part frog. remember those toy plastic frogs that had that little tab on the back and you'd press down on their backs and release and they'd jump forward? that's what i was reminded of when i saw her do her little "bounce" part :)

thanks for sharing, sistre!

Greg's Wife said...

How adorable and funny! I recently learned that crawling develops the C-shaped spinal curve in babies' necks, which is a very good thing, so I'm glad she didn't skip straight to walking. I wish I could give her kisses!

Phillip said... adorable. What a fun age!
And how nice to hear your Mom's voice too! Miss you guys!

Kathy Eden said...

Wow...she's getting so big! She's cute as ever!

T and T Livesay said...

Paige and I looked at your FB for quite a while and we think this child is one of the most beautiful children ever ... SO cute.

Bless you both!

Kristina said...

Uh....don't forget part turtle too!!!!!

I can't get ove rhow much bigger she is!