Friday, January 9, 2009

baby steps

guess what judah did yesterday.  she held the blanket up and played "peek a boo" on her own terms.  what i mean is, she held it up, waited for me to ask where she was, then pulled it down herself and smiled.  ha!  brilliant!  she played it with me a number of times. over and over.

guess what she learned today.  "HEY!!!  these diapers are velcro-ed shut!  if i pull this part right here . . . FREEDOM!!"  

yeah, she's getting big!


Elias said...

is she that strong to open them? that's great! babies love their freedom! :) sgreat.

Greg's Wife said...

Ha, ha! What precious times with her these are! I know you don't wanna encourage it, but you should get a video of her breaking out of her diaper. It will be fun for her wedding one day.

Kathy Eden said...

Aaawwwwwwwwwww...I always loved those sweet baby times with Phoebe...they are so precious! Sounds like Judah is growing & learning just like she's suppose to! :o)

Kristina said...

No fair! I wish I could be there to see all these sweet baby steps she is taking! Do get video I agree with Cara!

Thanks for sharing it wih all of us at a distance!

Donald said...

And the onesie goes over the diaper, right?