Wednesday, March 11, 2009

in homes across america

in my world, in my little sphere of influence, i know many many families who are somewhere in the adoption process. i am sure you are all aware that many of those families are involved with three angels children's relief. these past few days we have all sat by our computers (those of us not in the blessed evansville region) and watched as a miracle has taken place. a three and a half year miracle.

yesterday a little boy made his first airplane trip. actually, he boarded three airplanes. he left one incredibly impoverished nation and arrived in the greatest nation on earth (despite all political persuasions, despite the current "economic crisis" and despite our current leadership, this is undeniably a magnificent nation and we are beyond blessed to be living here.).

as i waited anxiously for news of his travels, checking my computer and phone every fifteen seconds, i thought of families gathered around the radio or the television to hear some breaking story.

our breaking news is noah. 

adoption is hard. adoption is painful. but adoption is miraculous and glorious. it is what our Father in Heaven has done for us and it is what so many of you are doing for orphaned, abandoned, needy children. it is beautiful.

but as i listen to your hearts i can feel your suffering. adoption is not easy. adoption is seeing a child's face and falling in love . . . from across the ocean. adoption (international adoption) is months of paperwork, home studies, finger prints. it is fundraising. it is finally saving enough money to fly to a foreign country, meet your child and fly home alone. it is culture shock and language barriers. it is missed birthdays, Christmases and mothers' days. adoption is last year's Christmas present sitting abandoned in the corner of camden's room just wating for noah to come open it.

and in these painfully long months that become years, a story like noah's is water to your weary souls. it is the manna which sustains you while you feel lost in the dessert.

noah's plight seemed impossible. he was gone. for fifteen months we did not see him. fifteen months. but michelle and jeremy, they had a promise. they believed in the Lord. and with God all things are possible. like the israelites up against the Dead Sea with pharaoh's army hot on their tail, the entire situation was maddening. no way would they survive. and yet they walked across on dry ground. the Lord works miracles, friends. He has the road ahead of us planned out. and even though we cannot fathom how He will do it, when He gives us a promise, we must believe!

i know there are moments of gloom. i know you've been waiting for far too long. i know there is no end in sight. i KNOW how impossible it is to instill a sense of urgency in any haitian! but the Lord has gone before you. the Lord has prepared a way. the Lord can open up the Dead Sea. He can close the mouths of lions. He can rise from the dead!

won't you trust in Him?


Michelle said...

This is a beautiful post! Thank you! And yes, I will trust in Him!!

Brandy and Troy said...

Praise God!!

Kathy Eden said...

Okay...thanks for making me cry! :o) Michelle's's a beautiful post...and Noah's story is a beautiful story...filled with love, pain, hope, truimph, & which should be told to as many people as we can tell! Praise God to whom all blessings flow!

Kristina said...

Amen and Amen!

Elias said...

well said, sistre. amen. I will trust Him.

Sarah and Tim said...

Thank you for putting into words what this is like... Thank you for your gift of words, and thank you for that beautiful reminder, that with God, it's possible!

Now, off to wipe my face!

Lena Wright said...

Thanks for putting words to this experience-you capture it so well...and you are right-thanks for the reminder.

Carsen said...

Thank you for the reminder, se'm! I choose to trust in Him. Mwen renmen ou!

Greg's Wife said...

What a beautiful, honoring post! I am hanging on to Him with all I have! Can you believe there are people adopting who do not know Him? How my heart aches for them. They must create their own peace. What a nightmare!

Milissa said...

You are so right... adoption is difficult to say the least. You have a beautiful way of placing your words just right. I will be following along your journey.