Wednesday, March 4, 2009

this is so hard for me to imagine:
today bethany is six years old. 

judah and i look at this picture everyday and talk about bethany and how much judah will love her once they finally meet.  the following video is the one i made for beta's birthday last year.  however, since i haven't seen her since then, i have no new pictures for a new video.  (something i hope to remedy by the time she turns seven.)


tetanik, i am praying for you today as you turn six.  i hope it is a wonderful birthday!  i am praying that you come to know the Lord Who loves you and created you.  i hope you become His faithful servant.  i pray, cheri, that your adoption process will not drag out any longer but that you will be united with your forever family.

i miss you more than you know, baby girl.  i can see you are getting so big.  i hope to hold you in my arms again soon!

mwen renmen ou ak tout ke'm, teta!


Greg's Wife said...

Oh my goodness... I had no idea it was her birthday, and today at Wal-Mart I had to FORCE myself to not buy a particular dress that I knew would be just so stunning on Bethany! God must have brought her to my heart because it is her special day. I'm going right back there to buy that dress right now!

Happy birthday, little darling! I pray you'll be with your forever family very soon, and I hope the Lord draws you to Him in this long and painful wait. Knowing my own pain of waiting I can't even imagine how difficult it would be if I were only 6. What a brave little girl!

Brandy and Troy said...

I too find myself wanting to buy stuff for her. In fact, I have.

Happy Birthday Beta. I love you so much and pray for you to be with your family soon. You are such an amazing little girl. I hope to see you soon!!! You have forever touched my heart!!!

Kathy Eden said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl! You have touched so many with your sweet & gentle spirit!!!