Tuesday, April 7, 2009

we have forgotten

friends, i would like to ask you to do an experiment: open a new window and using either "goodsearch" or "google" images, try to find pictures of our twin towers when they were hit. type in "twin towers" or "9/11" and tell me what comes up.
not much, am i right?
talk about censorship!
i would like to encourage you to go next to youtube and watch darryl worley's video of his song "have you forgotten?" i would have embedded it here for you but that option has been turned off. (a fact i also found interesting.)

ten days ago, this story made headlines. oh not in the big papers, but on foxnews it did. so "they" have decided to rename the new WTC "one world tower." does that scare anyone else? i guess "freedom tower" was a bit too patriotic. we wouldn't want anyone to think we are still proud to be americans, right? i mean, what we need is "change."

now i realize these pictures aren't pleasant and i understand why some might not want to look at them. however, i think the further we get from that dreadful day and the less we see of those images, the more we repress those memories. 

i haven't. i remember that day. i remember the shock, the horror. i remember crying. my uncle was supposed to be giving a briefing to about 80 men in the pentagon that day. he was on his way into work when, hearing about new york, he called off the meeting. the room he would have been in is no longer. 
we all have stories like that. it affected each and everyone of us. and yet, for some reason we are trying to minimize what happened. we don't want to offend anyone. we don't want to use the word "terrorist" anymore. we don't even want to honor all those who gave their lives (and all their families) by calling the new tower "freedom." 
we have forgotten.

i can offer no other explanation. otherwise we would be outraged by this move to rename the tower. otherwise we would not have elected a commander in chief who is anti-military. otherwise we would have hundreds of images flood our screens when we searched for "twin towers" or "9/11."

we have forgotten.


Michelle said...

I'm so saddened by this. I saw FoxNews report this and well...I'm speechless.

I haven't forgotten. I was pregnant with Camden and I remember saying as I ran my hand over my belly, "Buddy, what kind of world am I bringing you into?"

Brendie said...

I have not forgotten. You have not forgotten. Michelle hasn't either. They rarely play that song anymore....

Elias said...

the human race as a whole and as individuals has an amazing ability to forget. talk about tragic.

didn't know about the renaming of the future WTC. sad.

i saw a bumper sticker today that said "got hope?" i wanted to make a bumper sticker that said that...i think they have...ones that spoke of Christ being our hope. this one, rather, said underneath those words "barakobama.com". wow!