Monday, July 27, 2009


if you have ever read my profile it claims that i am interested in baking. the size of my upper arms will attest to that fact. at times i see blogs about baking that others have written. they have beautiful pictures of food and they share about the process. today i was inspired.

this is a favorite cookie in the fairfield household. they are made every 4th of july. (every 4th that my mom remembers to make them, that is.) this year she forgot. last year she was in kansas. it doesn't always work out. and they can't be made last minute. no, they need to sit overnight. that's the key. but tomorrow is my mama's birthday, so i made these cookies for us to enjoy tomorrow. (it's still july, right?!)

first you will need to find yourself some plain chocolate wafers. (i can only seem to find them at von's, for those of you in california.)

next, you'll need some heavy whipping cream. simply whip your cream (i added a smidge of confectioner's sugar to the cream), and layer. repeat. and once again. top with dots.

this tasty treat has been aptly named "chocolate whipped cream, chocolate whipped cream, chocolate whipped cream with dots on top." (to be said rapidly.)

these must be refrigerated overnight. i repeat "must." they become soft and may be consumed with a fork.

these cookies are sure to be the party favorite. they will not disappoint! 


Greg's Wife said...

Justin just saw the last pic and said, "Oh! Hoppy ber-day to You You!" (for real!)

Peterson said, "Abby Behr-deh tu Papa!"

These look divine, and definitely like they'd contribute to flabby arms. I've noticed more dangle in that area as of late myself. *Sigh*

Kathy Eden said...

Yum yum! I'll have to make these real soon. yeah, my arm flab affectionately known as "bat wings"... needs more company :o)

Elias said...


i like how you noted "to be said rapidly"...yes, this is key!

Emily Strawn Photography said...

i love how you fairfields name things :) It's great!
I will definitly be making these as soon as I find Choc. waffers. I check my Vons...but nothing....maye I will have to check another one.

Sarah and Tim said...

oh my yum~