Monday, November 30, 2009


they're back! to those of you who received a snowman card of the past from yours truly, i apologize. i know those cards were cute, but they lacked a certain personality, a certain character. but no longer. this year the cards are back with style.

pictured here in all white you have THE TRADITIONALIST. typically, she doesn't stray from the norm. her walls have no garish colors on them and she prefers chicken to beef. she sings in the church choir and votes every november.

in rugged browns is the luke danes of snowmen. he is what you might call "OUTDOORSY." he munches on granola while regaling you with stories of his last fishing trip. the perfect choice of cards for that woodsmen in your life.

next up is a little CALICO kitten. her suppers are served to her every night at seven o'clock sharp. in her vocabulary "off the rack" is a dirty phrase. she has donned a festive (matching, of course) scarf but turned up her nose to the traditional top hat snow-people ought to wear.

have a new arrival in the family? LITTLE PINK or BLUE snow-people are sure to bring a smile to mom's face this winter. consider an alternative to the typical congratulatory card and send some happy buttons instead!

and what is Christmas without the message of "peace on earth"? here at lineofjudah we think promoting peace might have something to do with tearing down any remaining walls of racism. and what is more racist than a yard full of WHITE SNOW-PEOPLE?! who's gonna represent? so i've come up with the all new, the fly-in-the-face of traditionalism BROTHA SNOWMAN!

please enjoy the snow-family i've created and the tiny pieces of humor that go along with them! merry Christ-mas to all!


We Are The Jones' said...

Those are to cute. You are a clever girl Angela.

Kathy Eden said...

Those are awesome!!! It was worth the tease :o)

Sarah and Tim said...

oh my goodness! love the brotha snowman!

you know where it's at!

Greg's Wife said...

Love 'em!