Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the proverbial small stuff

these days my life seems pretty small. not throwing a pity party here, just being straightforward. i live in the mountains far removed from everyone but my sweet family. i often stay on our property (or even indoors) all day long.

i get up, exercise, shower, eat, dance with judah, read a book, watch her watch "planet earth", bake, check facebook to see how the rest of the world lives, do some laundry, etc.

so it's not all that surprising that the little things can make my day. for a good example, today judah read "what's up, duck: a book of opposites" (a momentary favorite) to four wise men from her nativity set.
she finished reading, but left it there for them to ponder while she went off on another adventure.

also, today judah's adorable new sheets arrived for her big girl bed. and since the temperatures were up today (and we couldn't bake since the electricity went out) we had a chance to paint her bed.

as i said, the small stuff is making my days. like tonight when i went to weight watchers and found that i have reached my pre-pregnancy weight! whoo-hoo. that's pretty exciting for me.

sometimes the thing that makes my day is a picture. like, for instance, these:

i also had a particularly exciting evening when i was able to get judah's hair to do this:to me, the small things are filling up the days, and they're amounting to some pretty good days.

counting it all joy,
angela and judah (stink-a-pudah)


Anonymous said...

Great days!

Crystal said...

this made me so happy. :)

Emily Strawn Photography said...

first of all..LOVE JUDAHS PIGTAILS!! Grandpa must of just gone crazy!!! Second, the bed is GREAT!! so fun!!!
Also, I am so glad that Judah is educating the wise men about opposites. Good job Judah!!

lizzie said...

look at those pigtails! they're adorable. she's adorable.

Shanley Knox said...

love you - excited about all these things with you. inspired by you.

Kristina said...

thank you!
These pictures are are absolutly precious!