Saturday, April 24, 2010

bazile eziye

last august i took what i believe to be one of the best pictures i've ever taken.

here it is:

this little boy is named eziye which in english is pronounced isaiah.

he is gorgeous.
eziye was staying at pastor josue's house in august while i was there. he had recently had surgery to correct a herniated testicle and pastor josue and his wife were watching him as he recovered. having been released from the hospital, he was supposed to refrain from any strenuous activity, so josue thought it best not to have him return immediately to the orphanage and all the other children.
wise move, i say.

anyhow, as soon as i got to the orphanage last week, i wanted to see his face again. he was hiding under a red hood, but not difficult to locate even in a sea of faces.

what a doll. eziye has four brothers . . . or is it three? i don't know about his parents, but i do know he is one of the sponsored children of "new life to the children."

he was busy playing with friends this time and we were passing out plates of food to nearly 80 neighborhood children, so we didn't talk much. i saw a few of his brothers though.

turns out, they're gorgeous too.

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yes they are!