Tuesday, August 12, 2008

an obtuse angle

i need a bigger view of God. during floor time today, i was reading you are special
by max lucado to judah. it is a wonderful book written for children about a community of wooden people made by a woodworker whose name is eli. (short for El Shaddai perhaps?) the main character, punchinello, learns a valuable lesson about spending time with the Maker.
i spend time with my Lord. i read my bible. i pray. i do want to know Him more. but while i was reading this to judah today, i was reminded of something i often forget. GOD WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH ME. He wants to remind me how much He cares for me. (selah.)

wow. you see, i know He loves me. but do i remember that He wants to spend time with me? not often.  to consider that the Lord of this world is hoping that i will take the time to visit with Him is a blessing.  He knows my name.  He knows the frizzy, curly hairs on my head.  and He is waiting for me to come to Him.  as i was reading this to judah i was thinking about how incredible that truth is.  
you are precious to Jesus.  He formed you.  He loves you.  won't you take some time today and be with Him?


Elias said...

wow. honestly, i don't think i've ever thought about it like that before. that God WANTS to spend time with me in order to show me that He cares for me, in order to show me more of who He is.

thanks for sharing. Judah has a great mom. she is blessed.

(good work using that "selah"...i would have just kept reading and not taken much time to think about what you had just said.)

Michelle said...

We love that book!!

It is so true! Sometimes, I think we think of God as the awesome, mighty, powerful God, and He so is, but we forget that He is our Father as well. Just as Jeremy loves to spend time with his children, our Father loves to spend time with us, and even more.

Thanks for the reminder!

Kathy Eden said...

Ditto to what Elias & Michelle said! What an awesome post...thanks for sharing!

Kristina said...

I LOVE that book. They even have a movie of it for kids! Highly reccomend it!

There are others in the series too.

I love to think about this. How and why does he want to spend time with little oh me? But I am so grateful he does. I LOVE being in his presence!!!!

emily & ryan said...

and that is why I love that book! Everytime I read it I just smile the whole time becuase I am reminded by how much God loves and cares for us.

Hope and Rob said...

Great book!!! The entire series is awesome. I buy them all for my God children while they're little, then I buy them all the Narnia books... now that some of them are teenagers I'm going to start buying them "grown up" Max Lucado books to finish their collection. He just has a gift in making things so clear!!

Sarah and Tim said...

Love Max Lucado! Definately a great book!