Sunday, August 17, 2008

camping and other adventures

hi friends!  i wanted to let you know that judah, nana, grandpa and i will be camping for the next week and then heading to colorado.  i will not have internet access and therefore will not be posting until we return.  however, i expect to capture a good picture or two as i have purchase some great cowgirl boots for judah ($8 at tar-jay) to be worn in the country!
(incidentally, judah will most likely not be posting for the next two weeks either.)

see you on the flip side.


megan haug said...

have a great time! can't wait to see pics...especially Judah in those cowboy boots!

Kathy Eden said...

Have a wonderful time!

Brandy and Troy said...

Have a great time. I can not wait ti see the boots!!

Kristina said...

remember to hang on to your boots if you are ever around Jonas!!!! VERY important advice!

Have a great time sweetie!