Wednesday, April 29, 2009

they tied the knot

i'm pretty sure i should get a big, fat "fail" for not having posted sooner.  turns out, i was in southern california because two of my very best friends said "i do" to each other!  isn't God good?  

noah and bren had a 40s style wedding. it was gorgeous and so much fun! their vows were so perfect and i could not stop smiling the whole time. (which is impressive due to 30mph freezing winds and shoes that made my feet want to cry, which i realize isn't possible.)

the Lord was honored at this wedding. the gospel was preached. two friends made lifetime commitments. it was perfect. chilly, but perfect!

just look at the joy and happiness on their faces!

noah and bren, i am so thrilled for you! the Lord brought you together in His perfect timing and has blessed you with one another. i love you both so much and promise to be praying for your life together. i pray that you recall luis' words and always put each other before others, always honor each other, always defer to one another. may your life be full and may you bless the Lord!


Kathy Eden said...

That is so awesome!!!

lizzie said...

oh, that's so amazing!

T & T Livesay said...

fun. i love weddings ... especially ones that are not 140 degrees and three hours later than planned. you look beautiful!

Kristina said...

What a fun theme! Brendie looks beautiful!