Thursday, May 21, 2009

a year in pictures

one year ago today, my darling girl made her first appearance in this world. i knew, despite not being told by the ultrasound tech, that i was having a girl. i was thrilled when the midwife declared what i already knew!  
from that moment on, i was smitten.  there is no child brighter, no child more sweet, more adorable than my daughter.  i am blessed beyond understanding by this girl.  

thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving me the amazing opportunity to be a mother to judah.  

here is a brief look at the past year:

my gallery


Elias said...

praise God for Judah...
sistre, she is a blessing.

Greg's Wife said...

She's beyond wonderful. Peterson and I just looked at all the pics, and he says to tell you he especially loved the shot of her with the chickens! This really makes me think I need to take more pictures of our boys!

Lara said...

She is such a precious blessing! What a wonderful slide show of your angel! Happy Birthday Judah!

Gretchen, Frits, Elisabeth, Harrison and Mia said...

I LOVED looking through your pictures Angela. She is such a cutie.... Miss you tons. g