Monday, November 23, 2009


alexis is beautiful. she is kind and thoughtful. alexis is extremely sensitive to the feelings of others. ali, to those who talk to her with affection, loves children. ali is on the pep squad. ali is funny and has a great laugh. ali deals patiently with her siblings . . . most of the time.
ali is the second oldest in a large family and plays her role well. she kindly, willingly allowed jordy to share her room while judah and i crashed their house for two whole weeks! ali loves pink. ali's room is great shades of pink and white and brown. i think she would like a poka dot or two, but ali's not usually one to complain. ali would take time to find a toy to interest judah. ali would make sure judah didn't fall down the stairs! ali shared some of her best halloween candy with me! she loves to take pictures and has a good eye.
ali loves the Lord Jesus and is not ashamed to share it! ali seems to have many friends. she and jordy were always off to some slumber party or another. ali is an encourager. ali's best friend is named megan burnett but they don't get to see each other as often as they might like. life gets busy, you know. while we were in indiana, judah broke ali's sunglasses. still sorry about that, ali! :(

ali, you're a blast to be around and judah and i miss you greatly. i hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! what you need to do is convince your mama to get you all out here next time and you can visit us!
love you, friend!


Kathy Eden said...

That would make for a very interesting road trip for them!!! :o)

Thanks for sharing this post. She is an amazing young lady!

Michelle said...

I love reading your thoughts on my children! They are pretty great....the thoughts and the children. ; )

We miss you both!