Monday, November 16, 2009


jordyn ~
i began writing this post in my head last monday morning. it was hard for jordyn and i to say goodbye to each other that day. jordyn gave up her room (a private room is a precious commodity in the cundiff home) for judah and i to use for two whole weeks.

jordyn is admirably responsible, willing and thoughtful. jordyn is generous. jordyn has a tender heart. jordyn is funny. she can talk a lot about a hockey puck. jordyn is good with her siblings. she took great care of judah for me. jordyn loves the Lord Jesus and she loves her family. jordyn loves green. jordyn is quite bright and works hard on her schoolwork. she has a great sense of humor and a wonderful laugh!
i can't say how much i appreciated jordyn the last few weeks. it was wonderful to have a place (her room) set aside just for judah and i. she willingly gave up her room to sleep on an air mattress for our sake. thanks so much, jordy. i miss you. i loved spending time with you the last few weeks. thanks for being a sweet friend.


Kathy Eden said...

What a very sweet post about Jordy! She is an amazing young lady!

Michelle said...

Thank you for this wonderful post about our amazing daughter! We are so blessed by her!

Greg's Wife said...

a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart!

Jordyn said...

i miss you(actually both of you) too!

your welcome!

thank you for everything you are like the older sibling that i have always wanted!!! ;) your either that or you have to be like my aunt your choice!!!

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