Friday, January 15, 2010

give with liberality - romans 12:8

this generation of americans has been hailed the entertainment generation. the longest commercial we've had to endure probably lasted an entire minute. (and for that, we had to change the channel.) it's no wonder, with the millisecond flashes of information we've been bombarded with on our television sets that we also have the greatest prevalence of ADD ever.

last week, when i told people i had lived in haiti, they couldn't find it on the map.

since tuesday, all focus has been on the devastated island. you cannot turn on the tv, computer or radio without hearing about the earthquake, to say nothing of texting, tweeting, and newspapers.

but sometime in the next month, the word "haiti" will go away. and when that happens, when matt lauer starts talking about a suicide bomber instead, i want you to remember this face:

when anderson cooper returns to the states and people stop following troy livesay's tweets, don't forget that this woman is still crying.

when the city of port au prince becomes passé in today's media remember that they are still living without food, clean water or shelter. they are living with INCREDIBLE risk of disease.

the people of haiti have always needed our help. not having clean drinking water has always been a problem. they have also always suffered from a severe lack of food. it took a catastrophe for the world to notice them. but i fear it won't take much for the world to forget. to move on.

people are very inclined to give right now. they want to feel good, feel as though they did something important. i want to tell you EVERY DOLLAR YOU GIVE IS NECESSARY AND IMPORTANT. you have done well. but next month, when america has moved on, when we turn our attention back to a deceitful healthcare bill, haiti will still need you. so make a commitment right now to give monthly. give out of every pay check. because the Lord said that whatever you do for the least among you, you have done for Him. you don't have to wait to feel "called" to give. we've already been commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves. as we spend on ourselves, so we should spend in aid.

go ahead. change his world.
ezayi bazile (isaiah - in english)

here are four reliable organizations. every penny you send will go directly to helping the people of haiti and will not be taken out for "administrative fees" or any other scam.

please pass this along.


Anonymous said...

What else can be said.


Kel said...

I love your blog. Beautiful Heart!