Wednesday, January 13, 2010

help for haiti

**if you look at the picture above, the one in my header, you can begin to speculate how devastating an earthquake is to haïti.**

the Lord our God is gracious. He is mighty to save! while images and reports flash across our tv and computer screens, we wait. we beg God for mercy. and He delivered last night. we learned that although the building of Three Angles is damaged, all the children and the volunteer abbie are safe! how mighty is our God?

the questions have started: how can we help?

below i will list ways you can donate, but first i want to ask that EVERYONE who reads this join me in praying specifically that in light of this disaster, all officials will be lenient and allow the children who are currently in the process of being adopted to COME HOME immediately. that the Lord will open doors to allow the children to get on planes and into the arms of their waiting families. i know this is an impossible feat according to everything we know but so was saving ALL OF OUR CHILDREN!

the Lord can accomplish this. let's pray together.

for donations, consider the following organizations:
(i personally vouch for all of these organizations, knowing that your entire donation will go directly to the people of haiti, the relief and aid efforts there.) (where i lived) (where i was in august) (where megan works) (don brown's organization)

i would also appreciate your prayers for the many, many people from whom we have not yet heard. they include: judah's dad - jean bernard and my dear friend nicole. i have not spoken with judah's dad in many months (by choice) and he does not have a telephone so i am unable to contact him now. i have attempted to call nicole, but reached someone else at her number who did not know her. i appreciate all your prayers in this regard. thank you all for your emails, phone calls, and more importantly PRAYERS!

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We Are The Jones' said...

Thanks for the info. They are already in our prayers. You are too since Haiti is so close to your heart.