Thursday, February 25, 2010

i have said this before. i think it might be time to say it again. as it turns out, i have the
best dad ever.
my dad is selfless. he is the behind-the-sceens giver. the one who makes things happen and never takes any credit.
the quiet, driving force behind not only our family, but our church family as well.
he cares about others and puts that compassion into action. but action with thought and planning. he is deliberate. his actions, thought out.
oh he might come out the gate charging, but he has the humility and tenacity to listen to wise counsel and to change his course.
my dad is gracious. he is forgiving. he is incredibly generous. my dad provides for my mom, myself, my daughter, my brother and helps those in need.
my dad is my hero.

my dad also happens to be judah's best friend.

his humor . . . takes time. understanding. my dad can make almost anything into a game.
with my dad you're always on an adventure, always keeping score, always seven years old.

this week my dad has made my heart sing because i have watched him once again orchestrate something beautiful. he is putting together not one but two construction teams for "new life to the children" in haiti. he has been online and on the phone constantly seeking volunteers, recruiting help, soliciting organizations for aid.
in all honesty, haiti isn't my dad's forte.
neither is construction. he has said he's not sure his dad even owned a hammer. but he is willing to organize these trips, willing to sacrifice his bed, willing to go because he believes in helping his brother. and he knows that the people of haiti are our brothers and sisters.
he knows very well.
because his best friend is from haiti.
and she has him tied around her little finger (whether he'll admit it or not). and someday i'll get the privilege of telling judah about this time in our lives. about when her grandpa stepped up and took action.

i am so blessed, papa, that you are my dad. i am so grateful that the Lord allowed me to be in your family. He didn't have to. He could have given you to someone else. but man am i glad He didn't.
i love you, dad.
and i mean it when i say that
are the very


Crystal said...

this makes me cry

Gail said...

He is an amazing man that made an impression on my children. Any man that would come stay at a strangers house and take care of 4 children he has never met is pretty darn special!! The Gray family loves. Mr. Fairfield!!

Anonymous said...
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Kel said...

Don't know you ... but that is awesome! You are blessed!

Elias said...

well said, sistre. i agree 100%. God has blessed us with an incredible man for a dad!

Emily Strawn Photography said...

yay for your dad :) He is wonderful :)