Tuesday, March 9, 2010

fresh cut

no, i did not go through a major break-up.

no crisis here.

i simply cut my hair.

i was growing it because i agreed to grow it out with my mom so we could both donate our hair. she's gonna cut hers in the next two weeks. her hair grows faster and is longer than mine. she is donating to locks of love while i am giving my hair to pantene beautiful lengths.

thankfully, the charity i'm donating to accepts 8" as opposed to the usual 10" most other organizations require.

i am leaving for haiti on monday and i don't know how long i'll be there. i also don't know where i'll be staying. if we're staying out at the construction site, i imagine there will be a water shortage. not knowing how long i'll be going between showers etc., i figured it would be best to donate my hair
i go. otherwise, its just plain rude. you should never give away cast off items, right? i mean, not as a gift. unless we're talking about some weird gift exchange at Hallmark-mas in which people try to give each other the worst present possible. and that's not the point here.
as much as i dislike hair, there is someone out there who loves it. someone who feels naked without it. someone who is simply looking for a piece of normalcy.

someone with cancer.

i tried, while growing out my hair, to do what my mom does and pray for the person who would receive my hair. i hope it is a blessing. i hope they find true hope which can only be found in the person of Jesus Christ.

i know i didn't always have the best attitude about my hair. i really don't like long hair at all. but i tried to be positive and not complain. i tried to treat it like a blessing. but i have to say i'm thrilled to have it off. i'm happy to have made the goal (just barely) and happy to be through.

and i think it will be exceptionally easy while i'm in haiti which is just one more bonus!

i hope you like it.


We Are The Jones' said...

While your hair was beautiful long, I really like it short, it's very you. Probably cause I've always known you to have short hair. Anyways, it's very cute!

Kathy Eden said...

Speaking as someone who also doesn't like long hair...on myself...I totally "get what you're saying."

"Love" the short do!

lizzie said...

simply lovely. (: